Greetings from the Discover Play School family!

I am Mrs. Kalpana Bordoloi.

Discover Play School is an idea conceived through the years of my motherhood. This idea has germinated seeing the impact of societal evolution on upbringing of children under a multitude of issues pertaining to parenthood. Question that arose in my mind, from my general observation, was, today, at home do a child get the critical observation he/she needs in the formative years of early childhood. Despite natural parental love and care from the parents they seem to be craving for more help in the critical areas for their wholesome development. This has prompted me to launch this dream venture 13 years ago. We have been working around the core principle of nurturing tender minds to inculcate right values with a soft approach. The unique feature, by present day standard, of our small institution is that, to facilitate keen individual care and attention to each child we have kept our children strength limited to around fifty. We do not want these tender gems to get lost in a crowd seeking their own space. Ambience they find here is more of a home. Result of our sincere efforts are out there for everyone to see. We are proud that wherever they are amongst their peer group each one of them stand out and capture the attention of the grownups – be it in their mannerism, behaviour, etiquette, developing knowledge or confidence. We believe we are on the right track, yet, we are still evolving.

We are sure you are nurturing a dream for your precious child. We are here to hand hold your child when he/she is taking tiny steps into a fast evolving world.

With these words, we invite you to explore this developing website

Thank you!

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